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The actions of FastJack have really turned me off of the forums at shadowruntabletop.com. They’re still the official forums for the game, but his administrative style is downright draconian. Note that “draconian” is a reference to the famously vindictive emperor of Rome named Draco. Not to a lizard.

Anyway – I’ve started posting over at the Shadowrun Universe forums, which are at www.shadowrun.com/forums/. One of my SR buddies, Michael Chandra, is a moderator there, and he has really done a lot to make the forums there a lot more informative, readable, and peaceful. Much kudos to Chandra.

So what I’m saying is that I’m going to start updating ShadowSEA again, and I’m going to make sure that the community never has to suffer for the mistakes of one asshole ever again.

Welcome to the shadows, chummer!

This ObsidianPortal site is going to be used as a pseudo-wiki for all the official and unofficial NPCs that can be found in and around Seattle. Any NPC or organization that has any standing in Seattle will be represented. Additionally, we’ll have adventure logs of our group’s games, which will hopefully inspire other tables.

All NPCs will have a tag indicating if they are official or not. Official NPCs are those that exist or did exist in Seattle at some point in one of the books (fiction and non-fiction). A lot of the Official NPCs have not been given stats or definitive descriptions in any of the books that I could find. Therefore, a lot of the official NPCs have appearances and stats that may not be official. Once we have some official information to put for these NPCs, we will update the information to reflect the new facts.

Home Page

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