Rime Masuda


Real Name: Rime Masuda
Gender: Female
Metatype: Human
Nationality: United Canadian and American States
Ethnicity: Asian
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Awakened: REDACTED
Affiliations: REDACTED
Meeting Place(s): Washington Park Arboretum, Seattle
Location: Seattle

Update: the vile sneak known as Rime Matsuda was revealed to be an affiliate of Fear the Dark. Fortunately, she is now deceased.


Rime Masuda was once a mid-level manager within Shiawase. She enjoyed her time there, and worked under a great manager who tutored her and gave her a lot of life lessons. For unspecified reasons though, Shiawase pulled the plug on their department and laid everyone off. However, true to her manager’s word, he took care of his team by forming his own company and offering to hire everyone on.

He couldn’t bring Rime into the fold though, because she had been injured in a car accident and put into a coma. So Rime’s wife, Danica Martin, took Rime’s position in the new company. When Rime woke from her coma almost a year later, Danica and the whole company had just disappeared.

Since then, Rime’s been looking for evidence of Danica’s disappearance, and has been trying to get the authorities to bother looking in earnest.

Rime Masuda

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