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Welcome to the shadows, chummer!

Welcome to ShadowSEA, where all the digital dreams of the Sixth World become manifest. If you’re here, it’s because you’re trusted with the existence of the shadows that are created by those looming glass and steel towers of Babel around you. In those shadows, we thrive.

Useful Links
Forums: Runners of all stripes meet here to do biz.
Runners: Dossiers on who’s hot, who’s not, and who’s dead.
Locations: Anywhere the shadows reach will be here.
Corporations: These are the power players in the city that throw nuyen around.
Gangs: From low-level thugs to high-end thugs.
Syndicates: Organized crime in Seattle has never been so lucrative.

Remember the rules of the shadows:

  • Shoot straight
  • Conserve ammo
  • Never, ever, deal with a dragon

Update 5/1/2017: Entering a new season of the game, and a new campaign to go with it.

Setting: Seattle, UCAS
Timeline: 2079, at the beginning of the special election for governor of Seattle
Tropes: City Noir, Gone Horribly Wrong, Misfits and Malcontents, Romanticism, Cynicism, Sinister Surveillance, Fantastic Racism, Authoritarianism vs Libertarianism, Bread and Circuses, Mirrorshades, Corrupt Corporate Executive

All of the NPCs listed are considered non-canonical, unless the NPC has the “canon” tag. In the event that an NPC is canon, it has had its details copied over from the most recent publication of that NPC. For details that are missing, details have been added in an attempt to bring them up to the same depth of the other NPCs. These added details are non-canonical and have been done to the best of my ability – in some cases contacting the original writer of the character to get these details.

Shadowrun Infinite

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