Yellow Lotus

Boss: Zheng Li Kwan
Leaders: Su Chen
Turf: Downtown, Redmond
Operations: Drugs, chips, human trafficking, organlegging

The Yellow Lotus triad is one of the oldest and strongest triads in Seattle. At one point, the triad was one of the largest in the world, with their home base in Hong Kong. However, in 2062 their rival triad, the Red Dragon Association, surprised the world by attacking the Yellow Lotus en masse. The Hong Kong base of the Yellow Lotus was obliterated in the process.

The Red Dragon Association’s allies in Seattle, the Octagon, attacked as well. However, the Yellow Lotus in Seattle managed to defend themselves, partly with the help of relatively new Lodgemaster Zheng Li Kwan and his Incense Master Su Chen. The Yellow Lotus triad kept their momentum going after defending themselves and made substantial gains in the Seattle area.

Zheng Li Kwan has vowed that he will rebuild the Yellow Lotus triad’s former size and strength, and return to Hong Kong in force.

Yellow Lotus

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