Boss: Unknown
Leaders: Unknown
Turf: None
Alliances: 162s, Disassemblers, Komun’go Ring
Operations: Organlegging

Tamanous is a syndicate of organleggers based out of Asamando. They have established ties with other criminal organizations all over the world, predominantly in the western hemisphere. While there are other organlegging organizations that Tamanous competes with from time to time, most criminal organizations are eager to not deal with organlegging in general. It’s a distasteful business, even for criminals.

In Seattle, Tamanous has a few ties with local gangs and (most notably) the Komun’go Ring. They do not have an official structure, and their leadership is completely unknown. Because they came into Seattle after the Komun’go Ring had already established itself as the primary organlegging operation, they simply made a deal with the Komun’go Ring to provide support and a distribution pipeline outside of Seattle.

Many street doctors rely on organizations like Tamanous to provide a steady stream of used cyberware, used bioware, limbs, and organs. While the elite can afford to have a replacement limb grown from their own cells, the vast majority must rely on street doctors to provide, and don’t ask questions about where the item came from.

While Tamanous as a worldwide network provides a lot of the meat for the ghoul-run nation of Asamando, in Seattle they actually have a relatively low profile. Relying upon gangs like the 162s and Disassemblers to provide cheap body parts, and the Komun’go Ring to provide the used cyberware and bioware, Tamanous still makes a tidy profit in the shadowrunning capital of the world.


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