Boss: Hanzo Shotzumi
Leaders: Keiko Shotozumi, Masaki Miki
Turf: International District
Operations: Prostitution, gambling, chip-dealing, smuggling

The most traditional of the Seattle yakuza families, the Shotozumi-gumi runs the yakuza operations for the whole city. Hanzo Shotozumi has run the family for decades, and is a staunch traditionalist. His organization’s members practice all of the traditional rituals of the yakuza, including irezumi, yabitsume, and seppuku.

Hanzo’s daughter Keiko recently returned to the family’s good graces and has managed to show the organization the value of women and metahumans as assets, employing them in areas where traditional kobun are either too recognizable or too inexperienced.

The Shotozumi-gumi uses the traditional practice of nawahari to extort protection money from the predominately Japanese neighborhoods of the International District in Downtown Seattle. They also use similar tactics to extort money from local businesses and even local offices of multinational businesses.

Shotozumi kobun also deal heavily in gambling, bunraku parlors, geisha parlors, chip-dealing, and smuggling. Though the yakuza has many ties to Mitsuhama Computer Technologies, the two organizations are not inseparable. Sometimes getting a job from the yakuza will pay in MCT corporate scrip, which will make converting the money into nuyen a little more complicated.


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