Seoulpa Rings

Seoulpa Rings are a relatively new type of organized crime syndicate in the Sixth World. They exist almost exclusively in Seattle, but they have connections to the Jopok in Korea as well. Despite that, they are not “the Korean Mafia.” Seoulpa Rings came into existence as the direct result of an event called The Schism.

The Yakuza was growing in Seattle and all over the Pacific Rim. The leader of the largest group of clans was named Akira Watada. He started to become concerned about diluting the ethnic purity of the yakuza by introducing the Korean affiliates. So he ordered them all purged from all of the clans he controlled. This event became known as the Schism and is the catalyst for the rise of the Seoulpa Rings.

Rings are traditionally small, operating in individual cells much like a terrorist organization. Each lieutenant operates their own gang, handling a single affair or industry. The only way to become one of the board is to become the leader of an industry. When a Ring makes an alliance with a gang or other syndicate, a lieutenant from the Ring trades positions with an equivalent peer from the ally.

Seoulpa Rings have very few organized traditions that unite them. Each ring often has its own individual strictures. However, there are a couple of things that are almost universal. Tattooing is very common, with tattoos representing the individual’s gang affiliations, deeds, and more esoteric concepts. Showing ones tattoos is considered a standard practice when two gangsters meet for the first time.

Another traditional ritual is tied to hair. Traditionally, Korean gangsters wear their hair in the gakdoogi style. That is to say that the head is shaved on both sides and the hair on top slicked back.

Seoulpa Rings in Seattle
Choson Ring
Komun’go Ring

Seoulpa Rings

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