Boss: Unknown
Leaders: Amanda Brooks, Driscoll, Star Crow
Turf: Puyallup
Operations: Smuggling, human trafficking. drugs

The Laésa are the so-called “elven mafia”. The name means “the forgotten” in Sperethiel, and developed from the elven refugees in Puyallup. The core of the syndicate was the Rinelle ke’Tesrae, who were Tir rebels fighting against the Council of Princes. The support they received from the criminals in Tarislar (a Puyallup neighborhood) allowed the Laésa to oust several other elven gangs and form a secret organization to funnel information, resources, and contraband into Tir Tairngire.

Once the Council was overthrown, the Laésa continued to thrive as even more refugees and exiles poured into Seattle. The border of Tir Tairngire are more porous than ever, allowing the Laésa to smuggle people and property in and out.

Laésasa (the term for individual members of the syndicate) all speak Sperethiel, which they use as a code language of sorts. Several are trained in carromeleg (an elven martial art) and the Laésasa are well-equipped for personal defense. In Tarislar, the Laésa are well-regarded as protectors and supporters of the community, and the community shows them the same protection and support.

The syndicate is mostly known for it’s unique pipeline to the elven drug Laés, which is derived from a tree found only in Tir Tairgire and Tir na nÓg. The drug causes memory loss and a heightened sense of euphoria.


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