Boss: Unknown
Leaders: Unknown
Turf: None
Alliances: First Nations
Operations: Talislegging

When someone deals illegally with alcohol, it’s referred to as bootlegging. When someone deals illegally with human body parts, it’s referred to as organlegging. When someone deals illegally with magical telesma, it’s referred to as talislegging. The Koshari excel at talislegging.

As an organization, the Koshari started out in the Pueblo Corporate Council as a splinter group of the Kachina Society. They slowly but surely managed to edge out other native American gangs and syndicates, and now operate with almost open impunity throughout the Pueblo Corporate Council.

Their stronghold seems to be in Las Vegas, and while they haven’t made any official forays into Seattle, they do support one gang in the city. The First Nations gang relies on the Koshari to provide smuggling support and telesma from outside of Seattle. As a result, the Koshari have a very small foothold in the Seattle market, but may be indirectly responsible for a good amount of the smuggled telesma within the metroplex.

The exact extent of the Koshari influence is difficult to gauge, due to the nature of talsilegging and the massive influx of telesma from independent organizations. Because of the nature of the business, an independent operator can make a decent wage without requiring a tremendous amount of support. As a result, the Koshari have diversified their criminal enterprises to include gambling, drug smuggling, and occasional weapons trafficking.

Still, as a syndicate in Seattle, they are the smallest fish in the pond. They are looking to change that though, which makes the Koshari a force to know about if nothing else.


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