Komun'go Ring

Boss: Chulsoon Gray-Wolf
Leaders: Ju Kon, Sutton Lao, Kaz Yakamura, Eric Kon
Alliances: First Nations, Dogmen
Turf: None
Operations: Organlegging, drug dealing, magical support

The Komun’go Ring started off working in the organlegging industry with the support of Tamanous. However, when Tempo hit the streets of Seattle, the Ring quickly became the de facto supplier for the whole metroplex. As a result, the Ring came into conflict with a number of larger syndicates.

The Yakuza in particular have very viciously tried to eliminate the Ring, but because of the Ring’s small size and secretive nature, they remain in business. Part of what has allowed the Komun’go to survive is their alliances with the Dogmen and the First Nations. The leader of the Komun’go is half-Amerind, and used his connections to cement the alliances.

As per standard Ring practice, the First Nations sent a representative to sit on the board, Sally Littletree. And the Dogmen sent their representative, Tadji. In exchange for Sally Littletree, the First Nations received two known adepts from the Komun’go: Goh and Yeon Park. It is unknown who the Dogmen received in exchange. The combined association has allowed the Komun’go to spread out into smuggling operations and diversify their interests.

There are a few known lieutenants of the Komun’go Ring. They include Ju Kon, who handles the human trafficking (read: prostitution and organlegging), Sutton Lao, who handles magical contract work, Kaz Yakamura, who handles drug operations, and Eric Kon, who operates an industry usually unique to the yakuza: sokaiya. Sokaiya is similar to most protection rackets, except that the protection is applied to corporations and executives. The threat being that embarrassing information will be released just before their shareholder meetings.

Komun'go Ring

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