Gianelli Family

Boss: Joseph Gianelli
Leaders: The Chef
Turf: Tacoma, Puyallup, Auburn
Operations: Smuggling, fencing, loan-sharking, hijacking

After Rowena O’Malley got done clearing house on the Bigio Family, what was left over became the Gianelli Family. The Gianelli Family fell to Don Joseph Gianelli, grandson of the old-school famous mafioso Tony “The Chef” Gianelli. “The Chef” still serves the Family as Don Joseph’s consigliere.

Don Joseph’s first order of business was to try to bring the Family in line – after the destruction of the Bigio Family, the various assets were in disarray and scattered throughout the city. Now Don Joseph is focusing on rebuilding operations in the southern parts of the metroplex. The focus of these operations has traditionally been smuggling, fencing, loan-sharking, and hijacking.

Because of the destruction of the Bigio Family, the Gianellis are currently recruiting heavily. Don Joseph doesn’t fall in with the stereotypical Mafia rules of recruitment, and pulls in metahumans, magicians, and hackers to the Family when possible. Additionally, the Gianelli family is trying to find more college-educated clout to help offset their losses to the Yakuza on the white-collar criminal front.

Gianelli Family

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