Finnigan Family

Boss: Rowena O’Malley
Leaders: Jimmy Mac Finnigan, Uncle Al Cavalieri, Saturn
Associations: Order of Merlyn
Turf: Downtown, Bellevue
Operations: Smuggling, gambling, racketeering

The Finnigan Family has undergone a lot of changes in the last several decades. They’re an Irish mob that entered Seattle back in the 1950s, and only recently regained its position atop the Three Families. The history of the Finnigan Family and the Mafia in Seattle is a bloody one that dates back over two decades.

The Mafia used to run Seattle without any opposition. This made them careless, and allowed the Yakuza to gain some ground. At the time, Patrick Finnigan was the don of the Finnigan Family and capo of Seattle. The Yakuza had him assassinated and continued to gain territory.

The Commissione chose to install Patrick Finnigan’s cousin, Brian O’Malley, as the new capo, and the Yakuza assassinated him as well. Brian’s younger brother James stepped up and attempted to finish what Brian started. Finally, the Finnigan Family had managed to regain control over the city and established a fragile peace between the Mafia and the Yakuza.

James was assassinated several years ago by Maurice “The Butcher” Bigio, who immediately stepped in to fill the power vacuum. James’ daughter, Rowena O’Malley, eliminated The Butcher by her own hand, and led the assault that nearly destroyed the Bigio Family completely.

Since then, Rowena O’Malley has been the dona of the Finnigan Family, and capa of the metroplex. She rules with her cousin James “Jimmy Mac” Finnigan, and her “Uncle” Al Cavalieri.

Finnigan Family

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