Eighty Eights

Boss: Rick Wu
Leaders: Black Dog, Mistress Xiao, Ruibai Dong
Turf: Everett
Operations: Drugs, chips, human trafficking, prostitution

The Eighty Eights are a very modern triad. In fact, they don’t even use the standard rank names. Their Lodgemaster, Rick Wu, hates the archaic terms of “Lodgemaster,” “Dragon Master,” or “Mountain.” He just likes to be “the boss.”

The organization of the triad is almost identical in structure to most triads, with similar responsibilities and such. However, they treat the structure very differently – the Lodgemaster, Vanguard, Deputy, and Incense Master act as a board of directors. The Lodgemaster can act as a vetoing vote or whatnot, but the advisors posit their actions and attempt to get measures passed with a majority vote.

Additionally, the triad heavily favors cybernetic augmentation over magical means. They’re not averse to having mages and adepts in their ranks, but the non-magically active members are encouraged to get augmented to better compete with other syndicates.

As a result, the Eighty Eights have almost no connection to their brethren outside of North America. In fact, the gang is so divergent that their Incense Master is a technomancer named Ruibai Dong. Anyone that thinks that the lack of magical oath-taking makes the gang more susceptible to infiltration by law enforcement or other gangs is wrong.

The Eighty Eights have a unique oath that, when violated, obliterates a person’s Matrix presence. All of their official records disappear, and then the violator is then accused of crimes that have remained unsolved. Additionally, authorities are then notified of the changes and instructed on how to bring the violator into custody.

Eighty Eights

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