Ciarniello Family

Boss: Numbers Ciarniello
Leaders: Chrome Ciarniello
Turf: Everett, Snohomish, northern Downtown
Operations: Numbers rackets, money laundering, loan-sharking, gambling, prostitution

The history of the Ciarniello Family in Seattle is dominated by one man’s temperament: “Numbers” Ciarniello. As the boss of the Family, Numbers has guided the decisions of the Family for over a decade. In that time, Numbers has watched as various figures have risen and fallen as the capo of Seattle. The Ciarniello Family hasn’t ever been the ruler of the city, but they never seem to get their noses (or hands) bloody either.

When Maurice “The Butcher” Bigio became the head of the Three Families in Seattle, Numbers supported him as the victor of a major power struggle. A few years later, Bigio got assassinated and his Family was nearly destroyed by the Finnigans. As a result, Rowena O’Malley is now the head of the Three Families. And Numbers still stands by supporting whoever is at the head.

The Ciarniello Family has managed to stay out of the major in-fighting that has occurred and as a result they’ve managed to avoid making too many enemies among the other Families. They might be viewed as cronies to some, but to the Ciarniellos, it’s just a way to keep the businesses open.

Ciarniello Family

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