Choson Ring

Boss: Jong-Won Sung
Leaders: Unknown
Turf: Seattle Matrix
Operations: Matrix scams, info brokering, online gambling
Symbol/Colors: Red and yellow yin-yang symbol

The Choson Ring is a very difficult organization to uproot. Because of the cellular nature of the Rings, the Choson Ring has really thrived in the mobile world of the Matrix. They have no known location, but rather operate out of email dead drops and anonymous data havens.

The whole organization is online, and they have some of the most talented hackers and technomancers in Seattle working for them. They hack hosts, change data, and sell information for profit. They also operate sophisticated Matrix scams and secretive invite-only gambling hosts.

The leader of the Choson Ring is Jong-Won Sung, who has cultivated ties to the Korean Jopok gangs to provide support and a network for selling the Ring’s goods and services. Additionally, the Jopok gangs have brought in a number of new members to the Ring, which is starting to shift the balance of power in favor of the Jopok gangs.

Choson Ring

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