Weapons Specialist

Body 3
Agility 5
Reaction 5 (6)
Strength 3
Willpower 3
Intuition 3
Logic 5
Charisma 4
Edge 1
Active Skills: Armorer 4, Athletics skill group 4, Close Combat skill group 1, Demolitions 4, Etiquette 3, Firearms skill group 7, Heavy Weapons 2, Locksmith 4, Outdoors skill group 3, Perception 4, Stealth skill group 4, Throwing Weapons 4
Knowledge Skills: Art 4, Fashion 4, Firearms 4, Magical Threats 3, Military 4, Security Tactics 3, Small Unit Tactics 4
Languages: English (Native), Japanese 3, Spanish 3
Qualities: Addiction (Mild, benzodiazepines), Biocompatibility (Bioware), Hawk Eye, Insomnia (Full), Low-light vision (natural), Sharpshooter, Strive for Perfection
Augmentations: Datajack, Synaptic Booster (Rating 1), Tremor Reducer (Rating 3)
Contact Name Connection Loyalty Archetype
Dominic Pucci 2 1 Shark Lawyer
Father Goodman 5 1 Safehouse Master
Frank Vega 2 4 Fixer
Haldane 2 1 Street Shaman
Loka 2 2 Gang Boss
Second Hand Dan 3 1 Arms Dealer

Those who are fortunate enough to become Firewatch team members have to contend with some of the weirdest aspects of the Sixth World. Critters that can melt whole cities, insects that take over your body, and (apparently) betrayal from within Ares. That last one is the lesson learned by Team Bravo while out on a routine training mission.

The members of Team Bravo included an elven sniper and general gun enthusiast who went by codename: Nyx. Like most Firewatch members, Nyx was recruited from an unusual background at an early age. Firewatch likes to ensure diversity among their teams, and Nyx’s background with firearms gave her team some much-needed firepower. As one of the quietest team member, Nyx often found herself on the outside of any planning and preparation, preferring instead to be directed toward a goal and allowed to do whatever she needed to do to achieve her goal.

Nyx was never a frontline combatant, preferring to take her targets down without them being aware of the attack, or capable of retaliating. She epitomizes the “one shot, one kill” mentality of a sniper. Her weapons of choice are all high-caliber, very painful weapons. She demands perfection from herself at all times, choosing not to take the easy shot, but the most lethal.


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