Syndicate Affiliate

Aliases: Pauk, Rude Rudy
Real Name: Rudolph Askenov
Gender: Male
Metatype: Ork
Nationality: REDACTED
Ethnicity: Caucasion
Hair: Multicolor
Eyes: Brown
Awakened: No
Emerged: No
Affiliations: Vory v Zakone
Meeting Place(s): The Kraken, Downtown Seattle
Location: Seattle
Traits: Brash, clever, arrogant

Pauk is a brash, loud, obnoxious punk who is a wizard on his deck. The Matrix is a great place for a personality like his, which is tremendously anti-social. He has found similar friends in the Neo-Anarchists of the Matrix, but he has more clout than most of them because of his criminal connections.

Rumor has it that Pauk is in charge of the Vory v Zakone’s Matrix operations. Whether or not this is true, Pauk definitely cultivates the attitude, friends, and persona of a Vory associate. He hangs out at The Kraken, an ages-old legendary punk bar in the University area of Downtown Seattle. The Kraken glommed on to the Goblin Rock scene in the 2060s, and has carried the tradition forward as we begin to approach 2080.

Of note, and perhaps proof of Pauk’s rumored relations with the Vory, the word “pauk” is Russian for “spider”. This might just be a reference to the creepy vibe he gives people that he meets, but it could also be a reference to his decking skills.


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