Arms Dealer

Aliases: Küster
Real Name: Stefan Burian
Gender: Male
Metatype: Human
Nationality: REDACTED
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Awakened: No
Emerged: No
Affiliations: REDACTED
Meeting Place(s): Temple Billiards, Downtown Seattle
Location: Seattle
Traits: Bravado, devil-may-care attitude, low self-esteem

Küster makes no effort to hide the fact that he was once known as Stefan Burian. He was born in Nuremburg, in a small Albanian ghetto. Though originally of Czech descent, the Albanian kids still respected Stefan due to his tough demeanor, hard partying lifestyle, and lack of respect for authority.

By the time he was 16, Burian had a rap sheet of charges that brought him in front of a judge in Berlin. The judge gave him a choice between military life and prison life. Burian chose military life because if nothing else, he’d get to shoot stuff.

While off-duty, Burian got plastered and belligerent, eventually striking an officer. The officer didn’t press for a court martial though, because Burian had acquired some information on the officer’s extramarital affair.

Instead, Burian was forced out of the infantry and into the supply chain. This gave him a great opportunity to smuggle arms and ammo out of the armory and back to his Albanian friends. Because Burian could always be counted on to find gear that seemed like it had otherwise been lost forever, he earned the nickname Küster, which is a German word for sexton or gravedigger.

The polizei eventually managed to infiltrate Burian’s organization, destroying some of his Albanian connections. Burian escaped, and fled to Seattle. From Seattle, he could manage his network in Europe without worrying about the polizei knocking on his door.


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