Ju Kon

Syndicate Lieutenant

Real Name: Ju Kon
Gender: Male
Metatype: Human
Nationality: REDACTED
Ethnicity: Asian
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Awakened: REDACTED
Affiliations: Komun’go Ring
Meeting Place(s): City Health South, Renton
Location: Seattle
Traits: Aggressive, narcissistic, pragmatic
In the news today, KSAF is reporting that Ju Kon was recently found executed in what police are calling "karmic retribution" for his part in a suspected criminal organization known as the Komun'go Ring. According to detectives, the Komun'go Ring is an organized crime syndicate that specializes in smuggling and drug distribution. Ju Kon's death is believed to be linked to an apparent turf war between the Komun'go and several rival syndicates. This turf war has claimed the lives of 18 citizens in the last two months.

Ji Kon, mother of Ju Kon, was contacted and gave the following statement:

"My boy was a good son. He had his troubles, but who doesn't? He didn't deserve to die the way he did. No one does. If and when the police find the killer, I'll make sure to be there to speak on their behalf and make sure that they don't get the death penalty."

Lily Wong • KSAF
February 22nd, 2078

Ju Kon is a lieutenant for the Komun’go Ring in Seattle. He’s one of the oldest members of the gang, and it is known that Ju’s primary responsibilities involve smuggling (humans and drugs) and acting as the liaison for Tamanous. His responsibilities have kept the Komun’go Ring afloat for years – the Ring’s primary industries have always involved organlegging.

Rumor has it that the scar on Kon’s face came from a misunderstanding with Tamanous that occurred years before, but no one from that meeting is alive to talk about it.

Ju Kon

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