Jimmy Mac Finnigan

Syndicate Lieutenant

Aliases: Jimmy Mac
Real Name: James Michael Finnigan
Gender: Male
Metatype: Human
Nationality: United Canadian and American States
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Awakened: No
Emerged: No
Affiliations: Finnigan Family
Meeting Place(s):
Location: Seattle
Traits: Aggressive, loyal, tempermental

James Michael “Jimmy Mac” Finnigan is the day-to-day thug that manages a lot of the old-school gangsters in the employ of the Finnigan Family. He may not always agree with Dona Rowena O’Malley‘s methods, but he can’t deny that she gets results.

Jimmy Mac’s father was one of the most respected capos in Seattle, but he got complacent and earned his assassination. Jimmy Mac knows this, and he knows the Yakuza that were responsible for his father’s death. As a result, Jimmy Mac is particularly aggressive when it comes to dealing with the Yakuza and their affiliates.

Because Jimmy Mac’s father is considered by one of the last great Finnigan capos, there are a lot of the old guard that support Jimmy Mac as the head of the Family. His great-aunt Mary has tried on several occasions to have “Uncle” Al Cavalieri assassinated, which would leave Rowena without any support.

Once Uncle Al dies, the old guard will clamor to get Jimmy Mac installed as the head of the family. Whether or not he wants this position may not matter much in the long run.

Jimmy Mac Finnigan

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