Aliases: Hex
Gender: Female
Metatype: Elf
Nationality: REDACTED
Ethnicity: REDACTED
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Blue
Awakened: Yes, adept
Emerged: No
Affiliations: REDACTED
Meeting Place(s): REDACTED
Location: Seattle
Traits: Aggressive, direct, team-oriented

The elf known as Hex is a masked vigilante and a member of the vigilante group that calls itself the Emerald City Avengers. Despite her good looks and the proliferation of memes depicting Hex in various states of undress, Hex is remarkably recalcitrant. She is known for wielding a two-headed stun staff, which has been modified to be a weapon focus. For foes that she cannot reach with her staff, she has been known to throw knives as well as the best in the world.

According to rumors, Hex was raised in Cara’Sir, and was trained from an early age to be a Tir Ghost. However, when the monarchy was overthrown, Hex was forced to flee the country in exile. She fled to Seattle, where she met up with a sensei of unknown origin. This sensei gave her a purpose, a direction in which she could utilize her Tir training and still achieve a noble purpose.

Killed while fighting in an illegal fighting arena. If only her bosses knew what she was up to…


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