El Tigre


Aliases: El Tigre
Gender: Male
Metatype: Dwarf
Nationality: REDACTED
Ethnicity: REDACTED
Awakened: Yes, adept
Emerged: No
Affiliations: REDACTED
Meeting Place(s): REDACTED
Location: Seattle
Traits: Aggressive, daring, team-oriented

The masked vigilante known as El Tigre has a past that is more well-known than most of his “superhero” group, the Emerald City Avengers. Like Spectre, the team leader, El Tigre works with the public more frequently than the rest of the team. What is known is that he is a Hispanic dwarf, and he has the unique job of dealing with astral and magical threats.

Eyewitnesses have reported seeing him literally tear a spirit out of the astral plane, emitting glowing orange claws out of his hands. Some eyewitnesses have said that they have seen him charge head-long into a spirit, with some sort of glowing bestial protrusions emanating from his head in the process.

According to the Emerald City Avengers, El Tigre grew up in Aztlan. His story is mostly just sad. His father and mother were killed by cartel members, and he was left to fend for himself on the streets. As a result, he got involved in gang life and was headed down a dark path. That was when he met up with a mysterious figure who would train his martial arts, and unlock his magical prowess. Now, he is in Seattle, and he fights to defend mankind from the misuse of magical power.

El Tigre

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