Chulsoon Gray-Wolf

Syndicate Boss

Real Name: Chulsoon-Gray Wolf
Gender: Male
Metatype: Human
Nationality: United Canadian and American States
Ethnicity: Half-Amerind, half-Asian
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Awakened: REDACTED
Affiliations: Komun’go Ring
Meeting Place(s): Tacoma Style, Tacoma
Location: Seattle
Traits: Cunning, pragmatic, proud

Chulsoon Gray-Wolf only became known to the shadow community as a result of his dealing with Tempo and organlegging. As the leader of the Komun’go Ring, Gray-Wolf has had to do a lot to stay in business. He’s half-Korean, half-Amerind, which he has used wisely to keep himself and his organization afloat. The Komun’go has long had a handle on the organlegging business in Seattle, working closely with Tamanous. The deal states that the Komun’go handle procurement and Tamanous handles distribution. However, the Komun’go also does some independent distribution work.

The yakuza has been very thorough in wiping out the Rings. Gray-Wolf used his connections with the Salish gangs of the Dogmen and the First Nations to establish strong enough ties to keep the Ring afloat. Gray-Wolf might be one of the most dangerous men in Seattle – he was backed into a corner and found a clever solution to get out of trouble. Once someone’s been in that kind of position before, they’re unlikely to allow it to happen again.

Chulsoon Gray-Wolf

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