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Welcome to the shadows, chummer!

Welcome to ShadowSEA, where all the digital dreams of the Sixth World become manifest. If you’re here, it’s because you’re trusted with the existence of the shadows that are created by those looming glass and steel towers of Babel around you. In those shadows, we thrive.

Useful Links
Forums: Runners of all stripes meet here to do biz.
Runners: Dossiers on who’s hot, who’s not, and who’s dead.
Locations: Anywhere the shadows reach will be here.
Corporations: These are the power players in the city that throw nuyen around.
Gangs: From low-level thugs to high-end thugs.
Syndicates: Organized crime in Seattle has never been so lucrative.

Remember the rules of the shadows:

  • Shoot straight
  • Conserve ammo
  • Never, ever, deal with a dragon

All NPCs will have a tag indicating if they are official or not. Official NPCs are those that exist or did exist in Seattle at some point in one of the books (fiction and non-fiction). A lot of the Official NPCs have not been given stats or definitive descriptions in any of the books that I could find. Therefore, a lot of the official NPCs have appearances and stats that may not be official. Once we have some official information to put for these NPCs, we will update the information to reflect the new facts.

Shadowrun Infinite

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